EHF Pseudo Champions League

EHF Pseudo Champions League

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Welcome to the EHF Pseudo Champions League cup!
Organised by Asthfghl.
Part of the HIFFA Tournaments group.
Now in association with the European Hattrick Federation.

This tournament features teams from all around the world, from the bottom divisions of their countries, and has 8 groups with 32 teams. After the group stage (3 weeks), there are eliminations and the final is played on the 7th week of the tournament. The 39th edition of the tournament, P.C.L. XXXIX will be played from October 2, 2018 until November 10, 2018.

PRIZES. The winner (if European) will represent Europe in the Club World Cup at the end of the year, where they can win:

- Champion of the world: 6 months Platinum Supporter + 20 credits
- Runner up: 3 months gold Supporter. + 10 Credits
- 3rd position: 1 month silver Supporter + 10 credits

Map of the PCL-XXXIX participants:


List of Pseudo Champions League medalists




I Bulgaria Tamboerskloof España La madre del topo c.f Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork and Deutschland FC Süderbraurupp
II Eesti St. Roberts Magyarország Honolulu SC USA Boise Bits and Slovenija Nagajivci
III Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Chinese Taipei Fcb Jaman Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork and Hellas Asteras Syrou
IV Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork España La madre del topo c.f Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Ísland Fc Enex
V Bulgaria FC Haskovo Utd Slovensko AC Považská Bystrica Italia F.C. Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Schweiz FC Lalula
VI Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Belgium Blue-Black PUMA F.C. USA Boise Bits and Suomi FC Löntystäjät
VII USA Boise Bits India Violent AI Bulgaria Bus a Bus and Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork
VIII Slovensko AC Považská Bystrica Suomi munkki possut Nederland CocoDim and Slovensko Hrochy - Betonári
IX Canada NorthSpurShore Italia Falcon Flyers Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Slovensko AC Považská Bystrica
X Italia Falcon Flyers Rossiya Skat Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Bulgaria BEZO team
XI Rossiya Skat Bulgaria BEZO team Scotland Newcastle U. and España Feyn
XII Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Bulgaria kombainerite USA Idaho Incas and Bulgaria BEZO team
XIII Bulgaria kombainerite Canada Nac Mc Feegles Bulgaria WildCardigans and Scotland Newcastle U.
XIV Bulgaria kombainerite Rossiya Skat Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork and Italia Falcon Flyers
XV Oceania Ice-cream Scoop Scotland Newcastle U. Chile henrys eleven and USA Idaho Incas
XVI Bulgaria kombainerite Bulgaria FC Lans Batafoga Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork and South Africa Morrischester United
XVII Italia Falcon Flyers Bulgaria Tamboerskloof España Roquen United and Bulgaria Montana Bulls
XVIII Nederland HELLKINGS Bulgaria GreenBOX Rossiya Skat and Chile henrys eleven
XIX Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork România SL BENFICA Barlad Nederland HELLKINGS and Israel Hapoel INDI Ussishkin
XX Bulgaria FC Ikonoma Shqipëria TR1920 Nederland CocoDim and Nederland chok dee
XXI Bulgaria Dunamo(Or) Rossiya Skat Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and USA Idaho Incas
XXII Bulgaria Macropodus România SL BENFICA Barlad Indonesia PS BELTIM and Bulgaria Dunamo(Or)
XXIII Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Bulgaria Macropodus Nederland chok dee and Nederland HELLKINGS
XXIV Nederland CocoDim Rossiya Skat Danmark The Boppers and USA Idaho Incas
XXV Bulgaria REDIng USA Idaho Incas Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Italia Rovigliano
XXVI Rossiya Skat Bulgaria BKG United Nederland HELLKINGS and Bulgaria superBGteam
XXVII Bulgaria BKG United Rossiya Skat Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Oceania The Pipettes
XXVIII Norge SK Rokne Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Slovensko FK Hájik and Bulgaria superBGteam
XXIX Bulgaria superBGteam Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Nederland CocoDim and România SL BENFICA Barlad
XXX Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork Hrvatska ALAN FORD 2014 Bulgaria superBGteam and Bulgaria Noble Dragons
XXXI Bulgaria Tamboerskloof România MITRIS England Barge Montage FC and Norge SK Rokne
XXXII România MITRIS Hrvatska ALAN FORD 2014 Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork and España New Carlo F.A.
XXXIII Nederland CocoDim Bulgaria Levski 1914 Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and Bulgaria Ankh_Morpork
XXXIV Eesti FC Krendos România MITRIS Canada &*&57 and Bulgaria WildCardigans
XXXV Srbija GeOcHaTnIcK Utd Hrvatska ALAN FORD 2014 Danmark Brune Stjerne Egholm and Slovenija The_Saints
XXXVI Hrvatska ALAN FORD 2014 Bulgaria Tamboerskloof Danmark Brune Stjerne Egholm and España Roquen United
XXXVII Danmark Brune Stjerne Egholm España Atlético Percebe Bulgaria Tamboerskloof and England Barge Montage FC
XXXVIII Hrvatska Farmers on the storm England Dynamo Donington Srbija GeOcHaTnIcK Utd and Malaysia South Jesselton FC
XXXIX Danmark Hedegaard DK Slovenija Yellow Ducks España Atlético Percebe and Crna Gora FK Ekonomis