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Posted on 2017.06.23 at 11:00
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From now on, the PCL will have a new way of determining the knock-out pairs.

In all previous tournaments, the 1/8-final opponents were determined according to their positions in the groups. For example, Winner-Group1 would meet Runner-up-Group5, Winner-Group3 vs Runner-up-Group7, etc.

Starting from the current PCL XXXV, all group winners will be ranked from #1 to #8 according to the points and goals they have earned in the groups, and all group runners-up will be ranked separately from #1 to #8 as well. Thus, the new 1/8-final opponents will be paired this way:

Group Winner #1 vs Group Runner-up #8
Group Winner #8 vs Group Runner-up #1

Group Winner #4 vs Group Runner-up #5
Group Winner #5 vs Group Runner-up #4

Group Winner #2 vs Group Runner-up #7
Group Winner #7 vs Group Runner-up #2

Group Winner #3 vs Group Runner-up #6
Group Winner #6 vs Group Runner-up #3

Then the 1/4-final and 1/2-final pairs will follow the above scheme, group winners having the home advantage until the final.


The 345 HatStats limit remains

Posted on 2017.06.09 at 14:00
IMPORTANT!!! Teams will not be allowed to make more than 345 HatStats in a game.

You can download the Foxtrick application for your browser, and use the Hattrick match calculating engine to predict what Hatstats you will have in the matches:

SEE 3 STEPS for predicting your HatStats.

We suggest that you make sure you have 330 Hatstats at most in the matches, to avoid possible miscalculations and misunderstandings.

Teams that violate this rule will be penalized as follows:
- 346/350 hatstats - the team is deducted 1 goal
- 351/355 hatstats - the team is deducted 3 goals
- 356/360 hatstats - the team is deducted 5 goals
- 361+ hatstats - the team loses 0:5


PCL XXXV registration

Posted on 2017.06.09 at 10:00
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Welcome to the HT Pseudo Champions League XXXV cup!
(Organized by Asthfghl)

Cup info:
This old tournament features teams from all around the world, from the bottom divisions of their countries, and has 8 groups with 32 teams.

After the group stage (3 weeks), there are eliminations and the final is played on the 7th week of the tournament. The 35th edition of the tournament, HT P.C.L. XXXV, will be played from July 4, 2017 to August 16, 2017.

This means that if you register to this cup, you will have to play 3 group matches (in the form of HatTrick friendly challenges), and then there'll be 4 more elimination matches to the final.

How to register for the cup?
1. Simply write a HT message to the organizer Asthfghl, confirming your participation.
2. PLEASE do NOT hurry to arrange friendly matches for July 4/6! Make sure that your automatic challenge option is switched off! The admin will contact you on June 29 and will inform you about your group, your schedule and your first opponent! You can also check them from the Matches tag on each group in the cup's site (the groups will be drawn on June 28).

Don't worry if you're still in your National Cup and you cannot play your 1st or more group matches. You can still register and skip the beginning of your group.

If you have any questions, please contact Astfhghl (team ID #113275).


FC Krendos wins PCL XXXIV

Posted on 2017.04.26 at 09:00
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The Pseudo Champions League XXXIV has ended yesterday. Estonian team FC Krendos has won it from the first try! I don't think this has ever happened before. And what a series of matches he played! Not a single goal conceded. Well done to manager Kobadik!

The score in the final was FC Krendos 3, MITRIS 0

All medal winners have already been awarded their medals in their profiles on CupManager. The medalists are:

1. FC Krendos (EST)
3. &*&57 (CAN)
3. WildCardigans (BUL)

The winner will participate in the Club World Cup at the end of the year.

Scores - group stage: (http://bracketcloud.com/tournament/92710)
Scores - knock-out stage: (http://bracketcloud.com/tournament/92712)

HT Wiki page of the tournament:
Cup's profile:

I hope all participants have enjoyed their time with us, and next season when the PCL returns for its 35th edition, they would join us again.

See you guys soon! And good luck in the new season of your leagues!


PCL XXXIV winner

Posted on 2017.04.25 at 23:30

FC Krendos 


PCL XXXIV - final stats

Posted on 2017.04.25 at 23:15
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